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Who says the 401's a boring highway?

(viewed 1134 times)
Shot through the windshield, in motion.
14th Apr 2005, 06:49   comments (5)

radial spangle

(viewed 1099 times)
12th Apr 2005, 21:40   comments (5)

Oh nos! :O

(viewed 1371 times)
Do NOT go in there!
12th Apr 2005, 03:55   comments (2)

I'm broo (da ba dee, da ba dah)

(viewed 1540 times)
Just for a few hours but I like it.
6th Apr 2005, 23:55   comments (12)

Ottawa is even colder than Toronto.

(viewed 990 times)
Poor bastards.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ottawa River. I stepped on it. Completely frozen over still. But it's almost patio season here in Canada, oh yes, I can feel it.
31st Mar 2005, 00:46   comments (5)

I have manpants! :O

(viewed 1009 times)
And, apparently, an invisible camera.

Taken at a cool little installation at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa.
28th Mar 2005, 09:34   comments (4)

Them are some big fucking carrots.

(viewed 1723 times)
Keep that thing away from me. :O
19th Mar 2005, 02:59   comments (9)

I am the passenger.

(viewed 1089 times)
I never sit still for long. :)
17th Mar 2005, 00:49   comments (5)