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look Ma! I'm in a smutty magazine! :D

(viewed 2291 times)
Penthouse Forum August 2005. w00t w00t! :D

(and not even nekkid :D)

Of course you missed me, darlings, now get momma a drink.

(viewed 1211 times)
1) I need a mint julep.

2) Still waiting on that julep.

3) "Hey, you have drunk face already."
Oh yee of little faith, of course I do.

4)Shparklay! :D--
19th Jul 2005, 06:38   comments (10)

Bienvenue a Quebec (I think)

(viewed 1168 times)
1) Welcome to Quebec.

2) Mmm, wine and worms...

3) I swear it's a goddamn foreign country here.

4)But, jesus christ, it's beautiful.
(I have to admit, I'm proud of this one.)
19th Jul 2005, 06:29   comments (3)

dumping the card

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(viewed 1379 times)
8th Jul 2005, 00:18   | tags:,,comments (8)

now THAT'S a woman!

(viewed 2884 times)
Took these of dj haz:mat for a fetish party flier. Will probably use the first and last ones, I think.

I hope I get to be on this side of the lens more often. It makes me very happy to see these.
12th Jun 2005, 23:11   | tags:,,,comments (12)


(viewed 1688 times)
me + reflective surface + time to kill = very vain indeed

If you couldn't tell, I love overexposure. :)
12th Jun 2005, 00:24   comments (14)


(viewed 1315 times)
"Daddy, my brain feels tickly."

"Shut up, we're on vacation."

"OK, Daddy, but you smell like toast." *giggle*
11th Jun 2005, 05:47   comments (7)