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yay for new camera!

(viewed 3868 times)
1) Bleachin ma hair.
2) Scarlet Johansson is schtealing my schtick.

28th Jul 2004, 01:15   comments (14)

I keeps it!

(viewed 1141 times)
I found this camera today. No foolin. I am quite drunk and going to meet up with
Melinda. I will get drunker and take pictures of us with my new camera. You won't be able to see them because the camera has no cables yet, but they will be great! Muahahahahaha!

Now let's see if I can negotiate the subway...

25th Jul 2004, 01:59   comments (14)


(viewed 2182 times)
Took these of my girlyfriend Jhae about a week or so ago. Bitch just gave
them to me now. :)
22nd Jul 2004, 15:56   comments (15)

I make sushi, bish! :)

(viewed 1442 times)
1)Inspired by Jina, and my skyrocketing sushi habit, I decided to try making
my own. They look like crap.

2)But they is tasty. :)

3)Holy crap! Too much wasabi. Tears...nostrils...burning... Save me, mommy.
15th Jul 2004, 21:30   comments (30)

Yay for caffeine!

(viewed 1537 times)
1)This morning, the hangover.
2)Just now, going to my last shift at work, and very happy. :)
25th Jun 2004, 20:40   comments (18)


(viewed 1252 times)
A lovely little book I just found downtown for a dollar.
Can't imagine why it was in the clearance bin.
21st Jun 2004, 19:19   comments (14)

sex for Melinda

(viewed 2720 times)
11th Jun 2004, 15:12   comments (39)

Hold Still.

(viewed 1577 times)
4th Jun 2004, 19:46   comments (13)