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Tonight's theme is Uniforms

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Slinka would like to assure everyone that she is not demonstrating her
political leanings. Just her perversion.

Right then. I'm off for a night's debauch.
21st Nov 2004, 03:40   comments (12)

just moseyin' along

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Just needed a spot to host this while my server's wonky, sorry. :)
19th Nov 2004, 23:57   comments (3)

my toilet adventure

1)The new works. Which had better work cos the old works didn't.

2)Ooh! Art shot!

3)Faith and Begorrah, she works! And yes, I had to use my examination
gloves; they were all I had in the house. Now I can no longer (ethically)
use them on humans. :(

4)And after all is fixed, I break something. Don't know my own strenth.

5)It's nonstop glamour here. 'Scuse me, I have to scoop animal poop now.

Mama, I'm tired, please make me a sammich.
18th Nov 2004, 02:36   comments (16)


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15th Nov 2004, 23:03   comments (13)

Gods and Goddesses have a night out.

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Mel and Dar would have added beautifully to the ranks.

Pic found on Northbound.
13th Nov 2004, 18:21   comments (14)


I didn't think they left the basement long enough to vandalize. ;P
11th Nov 2004, 19:12   comments (7)

Obscured by Clouds

Or maybe just pollution. And yet it was such a beautiful day.
27th Oct 2004, 02:52   comments (6)


Went to Northbound's Bento event last night. All I took pictures
of was Midori winding Kumi up like a top. Was completely overwhelmed by eye candy the rest of the night. Had an excellent time. Am pooped.
25th Oct 2004, 00:36   comments (6)