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Touchingly Surreal

It's be faced with a roomful of yourself. I find portraits
very difficult to deal with. They reveal so much of yourself as seen by
someone else.

Tonight was my last sitting for the Avenue Road Art School portrait class.
That was difficult enough (it was an irreplaceable experience), then the students gave me a gift certificate for
a massage for Christmas that they all chipped in toward. I'm a little
floored. And quite drunk on homemade limoncello. And well-fed (we had a
little party). Life feels...near gluttonous.

Oh ya, and I, uh, made some bread for the shindig.
17th Dec 2004, 04:27   comments (16)

Reason #8-jillion that I love Toronto:

(viewed 1080 times)
This building.

PS omg the snow is gone! :O
14th Dec 2004, 00:41   comments (8)

Today's visual ramblings.

1) View from my shower, mornings.

2) When my camera's cold, it turns everything broo. I like it.

3) I swear ta god, there was only one french fry and it looked so lonely and forlorn on the floor by itself. The camera reveals its spectral friend. Ooo weee ooo...

4) Taken all stealthily in an antique shop. I also took pictures of a huge Jesus. BUT THEY ARE NOT ON THE CAMERA! OMG JESUS IS A VAMPIRE! :O

5) A street all streaky. With, um, cars n stuff...
12th Dec 2004, 00:39   comments (5)

How could you miss it?

Looks like someone has though.

Probably not the best spot for a tire swing either.
4th Dec 2004, 03:39   comments (0)

skinny lovin

(viewed 1462 times)
1) Skeleton met Easel at a party. See them chill.

2) See them gettin closah.

Is their love so wrong?

3) Well, you tell him.
3rd Dec 2004, 04:00   comments (6)

just a piction experiment

I put on sensible boots and missed the bus. I walked from downtown to
Davenport before another came and I had withdrawn from you.

It's winter, dear.
The tears were from the cold, I swear.
The stumbling too. I swear.
Walking away was from rationale alone. I promise. Take solace that the rest
of me still wants you. If you need to.

Please keep your coat on; it's bitter out there.
29th Nov 2004, 19:17   comments (4)

absolutely accidental

(viewed 1144 times)
28th Nov 2004, 04:25   comments (5)

Look at the bewigged beauty in my clutches.

(viewed 1437 times)
Recognize her?

Isn't it just awful that that's the only picture to turn out?

And now we return to our regularly scheduled hangover and bitterness.
21st Nov 2004, 16:21   comments (12)