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Into the arms of unconciousness. No, not really. Just Virginia.

14th Jan 2005, 06:19   comments (1)

What work makes me do.

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We had the firemen of York at our store for a calendar signing. Jackie and I got drafted as ... well, really, I don't know why we had to be there. But a very teary-eyed mall security boy told us we had to leave. Bounced from the Eaton Centre! Bad ASS!

The tall man next to me saved horsies in the calendar; he's my hero. :D

Happy belated xmas, Moblog. Or a very early one.

And ugh! Please disregard the hideous red shoes. :)
13th Jan 2005, 16:10   comments (14)

it's grim oop north

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7th Jan 2005, 14:25   comments (6)

Alle an Bord die Schmerzzug

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7th Jan 2005, 13:59   comments (0)

die Station

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5th Jan 2005, 04:42   comments (10)

New Year's, Evening One (part deux)

10) My hot friend.

11) My hot friend getting a little liplock with another hot friend.

12) Someone passes out and unwittingly becomes the entertainment.

13) Me and the Princess all blurry, which was how I was seeing by then.

14) "All my heroes are evil." And all my friends are awesome.

Hoping this was a nice tame prequel to tonight.
1st Jan 2005, 19:24   comments (4)


1) A very stylish place. I took a load of arty girter and beam pics but I
was drunk and they were shit, therefore DALETED!

2) Check out the size of that TV! We watched porn on it later.

3) Someone's about to get the backhand of a man in a tiara.

4) I love Glenn Love. And his pants.

5) Ooh, how did I get on the floor? (No, I didn't take this.)

6&7) The hat was amusing for, oh, a minute and a half. This was during the porn, you understand.

8) Friendly.

9) The best kind of friendly.
1st Jan 2005, 19:20   comments (3)

Home for the holidays

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Who says you can never go home again?

You just see different things when you're there.
27th Dec 2004, 05:50   comments (9)