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318th Slice

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I had to make two airport runs today. Both for good reasons, but
airport runs are never fun.

Then there was visiting and dinner and whatnot. Finally made it back
to my computer and discovered nige doing odd things to playground
equipment. That's a decent way to end the day, so I think with that,
I will log out.

16th May 2008, 08:56   | tags:,,comments (1)

317th Slice

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Looking forward to akp returning home tomorrow.
15th May 2008, 09:00   | tags:,,comments (1)

316th Slice

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Cat Treats

315th Slice

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It is that time of the year again. Another year has gone by, and people are still getting cancer, so we are still raising money to help fight it. The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is coming up, and I will be walking again. I began volunteering for ACS when I was in junior high. Cancer touches everyone, and I am no exception. My grandmother on my father's side is 1 of 10 children. Every single one of them had cancer of one type or another. My grandfather on my father's side has cancer right now. There is cancer on akp's side too. We've had friends who have battled cancer. Some have won and some have lost. We know people who are fighting the fight right now, and we sure hope they win.

I just celebrated my 6 year anniversary in April. I went in for a blood test today. I need to schedule an ultrasound. Between blood tests and ultrasounds they are able to monitor me and catch any early warning signs of cancer returning. So far, so good, and we hope it stays that way.

We don't think hoping is enough, so we also do what we can to support organizations that provide cancer support and encourage cancer research. This event is one of the ways we show our support.

If you can donate to support my walk this year, please do so, or please support somebody else (or walk yourself!) - it all goes to the same place. If you can't donate please consider passing on the link to somebody who might be able to.

314th Slice

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12th May 2008, 08:28   | tags:,,comments (1)

313th Slice

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This is Wallace. He is the newest member of our family.
Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be feeling all that well following
his move to his new digs. Hopefully he'll be a bit better soon.

In other news, my foot hurts like hell tonight. It was feeling better
today, so I walked around a lot more than I have the past couple of
days. Now I am paying for it.

312th Slice

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Today we went to visit with some friends who will be moving far away
this month. We went out for lunch, hung out and chatted, and took it
easy. Even while they were living here we didn't really see them all
that often. Typically 3 or 4 times a year, which is very common where
most of our local friends are concerned. We'll miss them though, and
miss having relatively easy access to them, with busy schedules being
the main barrier, instead of busy schedules plus 3000 miles.

They didn't think their Betta fish would survive the move, if they
would even let him get on the plane to start with. There is probably
too much liquid involved. Anyhow, we ended up bringing him home with
us. Went out for lunch and came home with a new pet. It could be
worse. Really.
10th May 2008, 08:21   | tags:,,comments (3)

311th Slice

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This is what I dropped on my foot.