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37th Slice (3rd send attempt)

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I had a marginal day followed by a shitty evening. I really wasn't sure whether I was going to post with no text, or post a rant.

I needed to get a photo first. A photo after midnight, but I am no where near bed yet, I figure the only time I really miss is when I forget to take a photo during MY waking day.

Anyhow, this is the last out of 8 dailyme attempts, and it is at the bottom of them quality-wise, but this one is unique.

I was literally taking this when an earthquake hit. The blur isn't the quake itself, but it is my response to the quake.

There you have it. My life, as it happens.

Taken at AUG 9 2007 00:58:49 in my time zone, for my August 8th, 2007 dailyme.

36th Slice

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Aren't these enough damn slices of my life yet? My life is not very exciting.

Today I worked. I got some stuff done and made a client happy. However I have so much more to do before the end of this week there is no time to rest.

The Doctor Who marathon continued today. There were teens crying on my sofa. Then I drove the spare, spare teen home, and went to an incredibly long meeting. Four hours worth, and the only concrete thing decided was the time and date (but not even the location) for the follow-up meeting. *heavy sigh*

August 7th, 2007 in my time zone. Oops, it is the 8th as I type this, but the photo was taken on the 7th. That's what happens when meetings I expect to take 1 hour, run 4. I just finished dinner, by myself, because of course the family already had eaten.
8th Aug 2007, 08:18   | tags:,,comments (1)

35th Slice

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I am tired. Not sleepy. Tired.

At the moment a Doctor Who (the new series) marathon is going on at my house. Kid has a couple of friends over who have never seen it. I am half watching it in the background as I try to get work done. I have several things I need to finish before lunch tomorrow, and even more that needs to be done by Friday.

At least I didn't forget to do my dailyme. I also went a did something dorky today. That will be enough of a reminder for me.

Okay, back to Rise of the Cybermen, and work.

August 6th, 2007, in my time zone.
7th Aug 2007, 06:11   | tags:,,comments (10)

34th Slice

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I am drinking some coffee. There is the slightest possibility that there is also some Baileys Irish Cream in the mug.

The weekend ends so quickly. Two all too brief days, and then Monday comes again, week after week.

The week ahead is busy, busier than usual. Hopefully it will go semi smoothly.

August 5th, 2007, in my time zone.
6th Aug 2007, 07:43   | tags:,,comments (3)

33rd Slice

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Today had some COOL patches. I got my air conditioning repaired, and I made ice cream. I am so ready for summer to be over.

I was very pleased with how the ice cream turned out (and there is a photo of it on my regular moblog). For dinner I made garlic beef short ribs and broccoli in melted Caraway Havarti, they were tasty, but not nearly as tasty as the ice cream.

The rest of the day was lacking in excitement. A chunk of computer stuff, but not nearly enough work done. A few errands were dealt with.

Now I must feed the dogs, and perhaps watch a bit more TV before going to bed. We just finished watching Murder Rooms.

For August 4th, 2007, in my time zone, but posting after midnight again. What can I say, I am a late night kind of gal most of the time.
5th Aug 2007, 09:41   | tags:,,comments (4)

32nd Slice

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Lots to do. Lots to think about.

Winne the Pooh: Think, think, think.

August 3rd, 2007, in my time zone.
4th Aug 2007, 02:57   | tags:,,comments (6)

31st Slice

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Another day, another dailyme.

The best I really have to say about today is that soon I shall go to bed. The second best is that I remembered to take a shot and post it on time.

I don't think I have it in me to make comments tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I can see what you guys have been up to.

August 2nd, 2007, in my time zone.
3rd Aug 2007, 07:14   | tags:,,comments (4)

30th Slice

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I really did not feel like taking a photo today. I am questioning having gotten myself into this at all. It isn't even a matter of not feeling creative enough today. Today it is flat out a matter of being completely sick of my own image. I feel very cam-whorish and attention seeking to have started this, and it is not making me feel very personally appealing.

Please please please fellow dailyme-ers. Do NOT take this as me saying that I am having these thought flashes about you or your participation in this. It is purely an issue of me and how I am feeling today. Just disgusted with myself for pointing a camera at myself again.

However, I did it. I am not ready to give up yet, because looking back through my own days, and your days, I see the value that I was originally drawn to. It is just that today I can't feel it for myself.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Off to finish cooking dinner and have some wine to go with my whine.

Also, I took this shot to be sort of the opposite shot to yesterdays.

Your cranky neighborhood cam-whore.

August 1st, 2007, in my time zone.
2nd Aug 2007, 05:02   | tags:,,comments (6)