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94th Slice

(viewed 644 times)
Long and not very productive day. Went out for Thai food with a
friend. Had a very good spicy eggplant and chicken dish. There are
leftovers, so that will be good for lunch tomorrow. akp got home from

Hopefully this one will post much faster than the last few have.

October 4th, 2007, in my time zone.
5th Oct 2007, 10:29   | tags:,,comments (5)

93rd Slice

(viewed 614 times)
Listening to The Beatles while taking a shower. I wonder how long it will take this dailyme to post. I am experiencing long delays.

October 3rd and still 90 degrees? Ugh.

Time to go sort out lunch now.
4th Oct 2007, 07:43   | tags:,,comments (4)

92nd Slice

(viewed 627 times)
Help. I am being attacked.

October 2nd, 2007, in my time zone.

91st Slice

(viewed 637 times)
Watching TV (Chuck).

I didn't feel well today. Accomplished nothing.

October 1st, 2007, in my time zone.
2nd Oct 2007, 09:23   | tags:,,comments (4)

90th Slice

(viewed 636 times)
Last night water, today champagne.

September 30th, 2007, in my time zone.

89th Slice

(viewed 670 times)
Kick back lazy day, hanging with the family and staring a the TV.
Cooked breakfast went out for lunch and got take out for dinner.
Watched a movie I learned about through FWM on moblog. Now I am
having a glass of water and waiting for the dogs to finish eating.

September 29th, 2007, in my time zone.
30th Sep 2007, 08:46   | tags:,,comments (3)

88th Slice

(viewed 652 times)
A day spent staring at the computer screen, followed by a night spent
staring at the computer screen. Might as well dailyme me staring at
the computer screen.

September 28th, 2007, in my time zone.
29th Sep 2007, 07:20   | tags:,,comments (2)

87th Slice

(viewed 680 times)
akp made it home from Texas. Of course he is very excited to see me.
Did I say me? I meant, he is very excited to see that Halo 3 has

Typing to the sounds of death and destruction.

Sweet music to my ears.

September 27th, 2007, in my time zone.