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158th Slice

(viewed 633 times)
Long day. Sore feet. Also, feeling sick.

December 7th, 2007, in my time zone.
8th Dec 2007, 07:45   | tags:,,comments (3)

157th Slice

(viewed 679 times)

Should I put them on, or just hang myself with them? I am not sure
which would be less pleasant.

Why did I pick an outfit that encouraged pantyhose?

And, seriously is it just me? As far as I can tell, no matter what
size or what brand I buy, they only come in way too big, and not big

Work holiday party. Bah humbug.

December 6th, 2007, in my time zone.
7th Dec 2007, 11:09   | tags:,,comments (4)

156th Slice

(viewed 615 times)
my eyes

December 5th, 2007 in my time zone.
6th Dec 2007, 03:45   | tags:,,comments (2)

155th Slice

(viewed 556 times)
Tuesday night, date night. Traffic was horrible so the timing was
off, but it was still nice to spend time just the two of us.

December 4th, 2007 in my time zone.

5th Dec 2007, 07:54   | tags:,,comments (2)

154th Slice

(viewed 619 times)
Today I went shopping for a dress to wear to a holiday party, and I
did not enjoy it. How did I dislike it, let me count the ways, but
I'll do that counting in my own head.

Eventually I bought something, but once I got home I realized it was
most likely not the correct choice, so now I have the fun of picking a
different dress, and returning the one I purchased today.

I don't expect to enjoy that either.

December 3rd, 2007 in my time zone.

This has to stop, the year is coming to an end too rapidly. I have
things I still need to get done before the year is over.
4th Dec 2007, 09:41   | tags:,,comments (6)

153rd Slice

(viewed 543 times)
Killing time while KFZ takes her JLPT test. Playing Cooking Mama.

December 2nd, 2007, in my time zone.
4th Dec 2007, 05:39   | tags:,,comments (0)

152nd Slice

(viewed 545 times)
I am tired of waiting.

That was my first sentence the first time I sent this. Now I grow
tired of waiting again, because it hasn't posted yet and it has been
two days. Yesterday's has not yet posted either. *sigh*

Anyhow, back to it

I am tired of waiting.

I am at Sam's Club waiting for them to finish putting tires on my car.
It has not been a good day. No, it really hasn't I was quoted an
hour when I left the tire department, the first time. I did not leave
with my car until 4 visits later, and over 3 hours hanging around the
store waiting. I purchased 10 tires in all today, although of them
did get returned. It was a mess of miscommunication and annoyance
that all started with a big metal thing completely flattening my tire
while I was on a schedule to get somewhere.

There is no way I can stand wandering around the store for more than 3
hours, so here I have found a chair in the furniture aisle, under the
giant shelves. Many people walk by never seeing me. Children are
more likely to spot me because they are shorter.

December 1st, 2007, in my time zone. What?! December already? Shit.

3rd Dec 2007, 22:18   | tags:,,comments (8)

151st Slice

(viewed 572 times)
The weekend is here and it is jam packed with things that need to get
done. Today ended up being rather odd, and lots of unexpected things
popped up, even a call to the police.

The best thing about today was the rain. It is so nice to see it. I
took some photos but haven't checked to see if they turned out. We
shall see.

I should get to bed, I need to be up early, but insomnia has been
might regular companion lately.

November 30th, 2007, in my time zone.