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The good, the bad and the ugly, but not in equal portions.

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222nd Slice

(viewed 508 times)
Tonight was chilly enough that I put on a scarf for the walk.

Today was warm enough that I needed the AC on in the car.

February 9th, 2008, in my time zone.
10th Feb 2008, 09:06   | tags:,,comments (1)

221st Slice

(viewed 1067 times)
February 8th, 2008 in my time zone, better known around our house as
KFZ's birthday.

220th Slice

(viewed 615 times)
There is a lot going on today.

There is a lot going on in my life. There is even more going on in my head.

I feel...

February 7th, 2007, in my time zone.
8th Feb 2008, 07:41   | tags:,,comments (8)

219th Slice

(viewed 728 times)
and so it goes, and so it goes
and you're the only one who knows

February 6th, 2007, in my time zone.

218th Slice

(viewed 885 times)
Not feeling that Super.

February 5th, 2008, in my time zone.

217th Slice

(viewed 486 times)
February 4th, 2008, in my time zone.
5th Feb 2008, 16:23   | tags:,,comments (4)

216th Slice

(viewed 519 times)
Nothing says Klassy quite like a camera in a public bathroom.

February 3rd, 2008, in my time zone.
4th Feb 2008, 10:25   | tags:,,comments (3)

215th Slice

(viewed 515 times)
Like most days, I worked hard to remove items from my To Do List, and
like most days, I added more items to the list than I crossed off.

February 2nd, 2008, in my time zone.
3rd Feb 2008, 09:52   | tags:,,comments (0)