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Manchmal braucht man im Leben einen Ort, an dem man sein Leben archivieren kann. An dem man Momente festhalten kann und mit kleinen Bemerkungen versehen kann.
Ich habe keine Photoalben mehr. Aber jetzt ein moblog, in das die Menschen des globalen Dorfes einen Blick werfen dürfen.

Even though nobody can understand my introduction in German - come and see a bit of my life.

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Work can be fun...

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I think one can imagine.
28th Oct 2004, 13:29   comments (2)

Martina...Switzerland is so far away...

And we do not see each other too often. Good thing that you are quite good in these internet things...I really hope to see you again soon. You are really a good friend.

28th Oct 2004, 13:02   comments (4)

1,2,3...meins - ebay in Germany

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But usually he does not look like he has too much make up on.

Do not miss the homepage of his cool band Attacke Royal:

Attacke Royal
28th Oct 2004, 13:01   comments (0)

My birthday party last year...

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From the left top:
Anna (green shirt - we should meet more often)
Phillip (hidden)
Christina (special electric hair!!! MY 25th BIRTHDAY! DRUNK - A BIT)
Mimi (he has the same last name like me - that will be confusing when we marry!)
Tschudy (ma petite!)
Diana (what a real friend!)

From the right in the front:
Frank (jeans jacket - how can you dare to have a car like you do!)
Agnieska (my first Polish friend ever - I love our Saturdays and Sundays at our cafe!)
David (from my hometown and now live one street away from me - crazy!)
Andie (ebay man!)
Thomas (Dusseldorf - why?)

The two without heads? I cannot remember, sorry.

Oh, it really was a lot of fun. See you in April! And of course there will be a lot of Campari Orange again!
28th Oct 2004, 12:25   comments (0)

Go for Gold!

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Another one of these ads that were worth a GOLD LION IN CANNES! THIS IS SO CRAZY!!!!
28th Oct 2004, 12:21   comments (0)

Ladies and gentleman - the Golden Lion of Cannes goes to...

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I would like to introduce to you.....Michael Haeussler.....friends call him respectfully "Mighty Mimi" :-)

He is working for Scholz and Friends in Berlin and his campagne for a boring company doing windows won a Golden Lion in Cannes at one of the most important advertisement festival in the world!!!

28th Oct 2004, 12:19   comments (0)

Die drei Grazien - Christina, Agnieska, Agnieska

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What a nice afternoon in the sun. Right next to the river Spree in Berlin we had a good time in a beergarden. It was a cool Berlin Mitte Party somehow....
Although I had stopped smoking already it was okay that the party was made by Marlboro


Smoking is really bad for you!
28th Oct 2004, 12:18   comments (0)

Good friends....

(viewed 577 times) I am supposed to survive in horribel Berlin without you by my side during the next three months? How can you dare to disappear to Munich?
I am more than thankful for your open mind and calm way of explaining life to me sometimes.

Yes, I know I talk too much most of the time!

By the way: Diana is a model and actress! A real beaty!
28th Oct 2004, 12:16   comments (0)