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Manchmal braucht man im Leben einen Ort, an dem man sein Leben archivieren kann. An dem man Momente festhalten kann und mit kleinen Bemerkungen versehen kann.
Ich habe keine Photoalben mehr. Aber jetzt ein moblog, in das die Menschen des globalen Dorfes einen Blick werfen dürfen.

Even though nobody can understand my introduction in German - come and see a bit of my life.

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New tattoo?

(viewed 2933 times)
I am thinking about a Christmas present for myself...a new tattoo. How do you like this motive? I am not sure whether to get a butterfly or a star on the rips. Or should I have some work done on the little sun I already have?
29th Oct 2004, 11:22   comments (6)

Life is a dance

(viewed 1258 times)
So do not embarasse yourself by stumbling around! Dance!
28th Oct 2004, 16:34   comments (12)

I know it is only rock n roll but I like it

(viewed 897 times)
Yeah, this one is better! I have it here at my desk as well instead of pictures of kids and pets and lovers...
28th Oct 2004, 16:16   comments (2)

No wait - this is really rock n roll

(viewed 944 times)
The Beatsteaks from Berlin! I really love them! Great music! Whenever I hear "Hand in Hand" I have to go crazy.

Visit their homepage and become addict:

The Beatsteaks
28th Oct 2004, 16:07   comments (4)

Emily the Strange

(viewed 28779 times)
I think she is really cool. And very rock n roll!
28th Oct 2004, 15:54   comments (25)

AIBO! What a cuty!

The weird thing about it is that it gets into interaction with you. When you tough it Aibo reacts. And when you talk to it it follows your voice.
It can "live" in the auto modus and also do things that you want it to do. It can place itself on the charging station (the sweetest thing to watch).
And as it is a Sony it can also play cds of course.

And it can really scare you to be honest.
28th Oct 2004, 13:33   comments (7)

Have you ever been to Budapest?

I have been there a couple of weeks ago. It was for work but I really loved it.

On the picture you see Hoesoek Tere - The Heroes Square. Very impressive. It looks like it has a marble floor. And there are these huge statues of the lord og the Hungarian tribes. On the column there is the archangel Gabriel. The legend says that in his dreams he came to the first king of Hungary - King Stephan - and gave him the crown.
King Stephan - or the holy Stephan - was the one that brought Christianity to Hungary. And the crown from around 1016 can be seen at the Parliament Buliding. The USA gave it back in the 70s of the last century after simply taking it with them during the war.
28th Oct 2004, 13:32   comments (2)

You should really go!

This is the view from the hotel over the river Danube over to the palace. Very romantic.

For me it somehow reminded me of Italy...and I do not know why. Maybe because the street lamps have this rather yellow than white light.
28th Oct 2004, 13:30   comments (0)