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Manchmal braucht man im Leben einen Ort, an dem man sein Leben archivieren kann. An dem man Momente festhalten kann und mit kleinen Bemerkungen versehen kann.
Ich habe keine Photoalben mehr. Aber jetzt ein moblog, in das die Menschen des globalen Dorfes einen Blick werfen dürfen.

Even though nobody can understand my introduction in German - come and see a bit of my life.

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birthday bash 2005

(viewed 651 times)
Silvie (from my hometown) and her very nice boyfriend

The betties on the sofa

The only ones I did not know on my party :-D
4th Apr 2005, 09:20   comments (1)

My fantastic guests

(viewed 649 times)
Stevie, Diana, Andi and his girlfriend

Agnieszka and Julia

Daniel, Mimi, Axel

Andi and his lovely girlfriend again

4th Apr 2005, 09:18   comments (2)

Pin Up?

(viewed 1000 times)
11th Feb 2005, 13:03   comments (9)


(viewed 788 times)
Remember the butterfly? How about a swallow? Or two?

10th Feb 2005, 14:42   comments (1)

how cute....

(viewed 851 times)
my bang just looks the same!

but probably my eyes are a bit smaller!
10th Feb 2005, 14:42   comments (0)

Christmas present for Daddy....

(viewed 595 times)
This is a Karmann Ghia...from the 60s. Very cool car...well, just the model of the cool car. I am not Rockefeller!
Bought it on first purchase there ever. I wonder if it works and if it will arrive before Christmas.
15th Dec 2004, 12:44   comments (0)

Notre Dame - Paris

(viewed 682 times)
It was beatiful - and horrible. People took pictures of the priest during the mass. How respectless.
9th Dec 2004, 09:12   comments (0)

Horribly romantic

(viewed 715 times)
Back from Paris. This place is something for newly weds and crazy in love ones. It reminds you of movies from the 50s and all sorts of romantic moments. Because this place is just the incarnation of romantic atmosphere. Bring along the one you love...or enjoy some Beaujoulais!
9th Dec 2004, 09:10   comments (0)