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Manchmal braucht man im Leben einen Ort, an dem man sein Leben archivieren kann. An dem man Momente festhalten kann und mit kleinen Bemerkungen versehen kann.
Ich habe keine Photoalben mehr. Aber jetzt ein moblog, in das die Menschen des globalen Dorfes einen Blick werfen dürfen.

Even though nobody can understand my introduction in German - come and see a bit of my life.

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More art

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Please find below some of the rare real mobile phone pics I have made...after almost one year I have finally found out how to get them off my phone. :-D
17th Apr 2006, 10:46   comments (0)

Art I found on the streets

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The six is the most important picture - part of the art of the famous Berlin Sechsenmaler! He always paints six on everything he finds in the streets.
17th Apr 2006, 10:44   comments (0)

Visions Festival 05/Cologne Germany - Turbonegro and the crowd

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My new local club is the Turbojugend Ruhrgebiet Rodeos. My name there is mistress snow white - cheerleader of darkness.
17th Apr 2006, 10:25   comments (0)

Coldplay live in Oberhausen/Germany

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Cool multimedia show!!! Plus unplugged part in the middle.
17th Apr 2006, 10:23   comments (0)

That would be perfect right now...dancing in Paris

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Ganz Paris traeumt von der Liebe,
denn dort ist sie ja zu Haus.
Ganz Paris traeumt von dem Maerchen,
das doch wahr wird.
Ganz Paris traeumt von dem Paerchen,
das ein Paar wird.
23rd Feb 2006, 12:47   comments (1)

Same Same But Different

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23rd Feb 2006, 12:46   comments (0)

Turbonegro Party People

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23rd Feb 2006, 12:46   comments (0)


(viewed 1031 times) of satan!
23rd Feb 2006, 12:45   comments (0)
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