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Lighthouses, etc Pt. 1

Here are the camera of yesterday's camera phone posts, with a few
additions. I have links to the lighthouse wikis in the previous posts.

1. Portland Head Light
2. Ram Island Ledge Light
3. The Cape Elizabeth Lights (aka Two Lights) from Portland Head Light
4. Spring Point Ledge Light
5. A random 3-master in the harbor
31st Jul 2009, 19:56   comments (1)

Built for War of 1812. Never fired a shot.

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This is Fort Gorges, which is visible from Portland Head Light.

Bug Light

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The official name of this little light, which flashes a red beacon to guide ships from Cosco Bay into Portland Harbor, is Portland Breakwater Light but everyone just calls it the Bug Light. :)

Container ship

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Fookin' 'uge, I tell you what. And I'm told that this is a relatively small one, taking only 48 hours to unload.

Spring Point Ledge Light

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This is what is known as a "sparkplug" light, and they are fairly common to mark dangerous obstructions to the main shipping channel.

There is a big old rock here. Watch out!

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This is Ram Island Ledge Light, scene of a significant number of shipwrecks, thus the name. They finally got tired of having ships run aground on it as the Portland Head Light did not illuminate it well enough in fog, and build the light on 1905. It's solar powered now and still operated, and is visible from Portland Head light. I'm told that when it's foggy and night it's quite beautiful to see both light, along with the others on this dangerous stretch of coast, all sending their beams out to warn ships. You do not, however, want to be standing near where I took these photos as the fog horns at Portland Head are deafening.

Portland Head Light - Live

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Yesterday we took the commuter rail to Boston, then the Downeaster to Portland Maine. Spent 3 hours in Maine having lunch with friends and did a quick lighthouse tour, then retraced our steps.

This is Portland Head Light, the iconic Maine Lighthouse, which is in the town of Cape Elizabeth.

Yes, we did over 7 hours on trains to spend 3 hours with friends. Railfans FTW. :)

Just like back in school...

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sit in the back of the room so no one can see when you are up to no good!

At a seminar today for the database software we use to run the church. So far it's been pretty good, relevant stuff. On lunch just now, 4 hours to go yet.

ETA: This was a lot more relevant when it was actually happening, some 24 hours before it actually appeared on the site. :(
29th Jul 2009, 20:09   comments (0)