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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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Dinnerblogging from last night, Part 1

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Dinner last night was vegetarian pasta with "meat" sauce. I'm a
vegetarian, DH is not, so I like to try things with soy protein products
that are reasonable substitutes in texture for meat. I fried the Smart
Ground in the pan to heat it up, with some chopped garlic and onion -
and note to anyone who wants to try this, the Smart Ground is very dry
so it absorbs the oil fast and if you done want to burn it you have to
keep stirring! There should be a box of small shell pasta here too but
I forgot to take it, and SO not digging in the trash for it.

Rope toy

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Gracie has never really had toys - she didn't have them in her first
home, and in the foster home there were too many other dogs to risk
fights over toys, so she didn't have them there either. She picked
through the box of toys my folks had for her a few times and finally
selected a rope toy to chew on and play with for a bit. I have a
hilarious short film of her playing with pay day I'm
subscribing here so I can share films too :-)

New bed

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She definitely likes her new bed, but Mom is going to have to move it
away from the entertainment center - Gracie likes to watch tv and the
bed is too close to it!

Fast learner

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She learned fast that all she had to do was present herself to one of
the humans to get all the attention she wanted :-) Both of these are
with Dad but she'd make the rounds to all of us every few minutes.

Poor girl

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Poor little thing is terrified that she's going to be put out in the
yard and not let back in the house :-(. After this first time out, we
took her out on her leash and stayed right with her, and let her in as
soon as she wanted - she needs to learn that she won't be locked out
like she was in her former home.


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Is this not the most beautiful Golden you've ever seen, even if she is
having a bit of a bad hair day? Heck, 5 hours in the cargo hold and I
sure wouldn't look this good! She's extremely sweet, very calm
(although that could be tiredness - she's had the biggest day of her
life!), and took to my folks right off. This is right off the plane,
these three pics, and we could all tell already that this one was
finally going to be the adoption that worked. Yay!

Moving on from sadness

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This is Shawnee, with JennyB, and then with Cheddar, a friend's
Airedale. Shawnee was my parent's beloved yellow Labrador
Retriever/Golden Retriever/who-knows-what mix. She died this past
December of cancer, very unexpectedly - she became paralysed with what
we thought was a ruptured disk (expensive but fixable) but tests showed
that disk ruptured because of cancer in her spinal cord - and she also
had a tumor in her heart. Poor old girl had no chance for recovery, so
my poor folks had to euthanise her. It's been a long four months of
searching, including an adoption that failed because the poor pup they
adopted turned out to be vicious....because it turned out she also had
cancer (a brain tumor) and had to be euthanised. But finally, we can
all do the "New Pup Happy Dance", as tomorrow we are all going to trek
east to Boston to pick up the lovely Gracie
at Logan Intl.
Airport! She is being flown in from New Orleans, LA. She is a purebred
Golden Retriever who was given up because her former owners were having
a baby - pause here for me to pick up my eyes, which have rolled right
out of my head! I'm going along to get her at my parent's request so I
can digitize the event for posterity :-). Many pictures will be
forthcoming, I am sure!

A favor

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Kozika San, could you tell me what the symbols on this coin mean, and
how many yen it is? I found this coin at a market here in the US many
years ago and forgot I had it until a few weeks ago.
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