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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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Well, after an entirely too long day, I ended up having to do this
inside - and in a house this small you can't get far enough away from
the camera! But you get the general idea! :-)

Let's try this

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Yes! This one works! *finally*. It's still an avi - but this time taken with the compact setting on the camera.

Bandit is doing pretty well - he's not back to 100% yet but he's back to being a little brat most of the time, so that's a good thing. Still not doing stairs much but that's actually good - he's giving himself time to heal. We're down to pain meds when he needs them - and he hasn't today at all. Another week or so and he should be good as new :-)


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Well, Bandit is doing a bit better each day. The pain is not a constant now - he's going longer and longer between muscle spasms, which are detectable mainly by pushing a bit on the affected areas - you can feel the muscles quivering. When it is happening I think it's more of a weird feeling for him now than real pain - he doesn't want to walk while the spasms are active because his front left leg feels odd. As soon as the spasms let up though he's fine.

Of course it helps that yesterday I had a frigging epiphany that maybe the pain meds are huge pills because they are chewable - I had been making the poor little guy swallow them whole. Because I didn't read the front of the damned bottle. I are stoopid. I are needing b*tchslapped with the clue-x-4. I still have to stuff the muscle relaxants but now I give him the pain med as the reward for being good and letting me give the first pill.

And the diagnosis is....

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That there is nothing wrong with his spine. Can I get a YAY from the congregation?

A muscle between his neck and shoulder seems to be causing the whole problem. It's sprained or slightly torn, and Bandit's Schwarzenneger-esque physique is actually working against him in this - the one damaged muscle is spasming, and it's drawing all the surrounding muscles in his neck and shoulder into the spasms. Quite painful, as I am sure you can imagine. The vet drew his neck and leg through the full range of motion and it actually seemed to help - the forced stretching loosened things up. He has NSAI and muscle relaxing drugs to help everything heal now and the plan for the weekend is couch time and knitting - if someone is with him he'll happily live under his blanket.

Thank you all so much for the good wishes in this. Potential spine problems are the fear that lives at the back of all dachshund owner's minds, and it's a bullet we dodged this time. No more jumping on and off the couch for the little guy - he's going to have to learn to let us do the heavy lifting - and if he can't, he will have to use his bed.


is everything, and yourhermione has got ALL the mad timing skillz today. She wins ALL the points for timing. More pressies:

1. Maple syrup!
2. Maple flavored tea! Should be interesting - I love maple, and I love tea.
3, 4, 5. "It's a sparkley!" - Spider ring. How much coolness is THIS? Very much, that's how much. It wiggles, already!
6. Lavender & vanilla soap! Smells SO good!
7 & 8 - Funniest. Card. EVAR!

We loves us a yourhermione, yes we do! :-) Thank you SO MUCH!!

I've been spoiled...

By a certain yourhermione! She rocks!

1. Yarn! Lovely cotton yarn!
2. Teh SPARKLIEST, furriest Halloween bag ever!
3 & 4. Halloween KIT KATS! YAY! Chocolate wafer with white chocolate coating. All teh awesome!
5. And various other chocolatey goodness I shall be having to hide from DH (I am not allergic to peanuts - just tree nuts - I know someone will ask) :-)To be continued.....


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A strangely familiar box has just arrived on my doorstep. What might
this be?


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We've got an appointment at 2:30. He's presently sacked out on one of
the little dog beds wrapped in a warm towel and seems OK - but still
can't pick his head up much. I'll update again after the visit.