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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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Happy beagle today

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She's doing a LOT better - she even managed to nick a kibble out of
Bandit's food and after a few seconds of careful placement, get it
between the teeth that still meet. I gave her a few one by one and she
liked that a lot. Here, she's hoping to turn the cute on hard enough to
gain a bit of pizza crust, but with all the meds she's on we aren't
going to push our luck, so no pizza. I'll try to get a pic of her with
her tongue out - she's not quite figured out how to control it yet, it
tends to fall out on the left.

One stoned little beagle

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Yay for long-acting morphine injections after the removal of 12 teeth
and 5 little "old-dog-bumps" of the skin tag and warty varieties. Yes,
one was on her nose, the little dark spot there near the tear stains.
She has pain meds to start when the morphine wears off, and if it's not
enough, we'll take her back and they'll shave a bit of fur off and give
her a morphine patch. Big yay for vets who understand pain control.

A cautionary from JennyB

JennyB says "This is what happens when your human doesn't take good care of your teeth because you happen to not like having them brushed. Learn to like it, doggies & kitties, or this could happen to you - you lie down for a nap and wake up with 12 fewer teeth!"

1 - Before. Yes, her teeth have been cleaned in the past, but the vet we had then flew south with the ducks in winter going "Quack quack" all the way.
2 - After. 12 are gone. She only had 42 to start. Yeah. 30 left. And she'll lose more as time goes on, most likely.
3 - Pain meds, antibiotics, and stuff to add to her water to help preserve what she has left for teeth.
4 - Soothing oral rinse, oral gel to help her gums heal.
5 - The teeth. Yeah, a lot are in pieces because dogs have incredibly long roots and so they are hard to pull even when they are in dire condition.

Yes, I feel like a bad dog mom. As I should - and I paid a $630US fine for being a wuss when it comes to making Jenny do things she doesn't like. Bandit too - his teeth aren't nearly as bad but they do need cleaning, which will happen as soon as we sell the house and have some proceed money. The stuff in the water will help keep them clean but they are getting brushed too - they make little soft sponges now to do it, we'll give those a try.

New doggie threads :D

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JennyB and Bandit's new harnesses are in! This is a plug for the folks
who make them, totally! Custom made Hug-A-Dog harnesses by the good
folks at Dachshund Delights. They are a bit expensive ($99US for both
with the reflective tape option), but worth every penny considering that
the first pair lasted 9 years! They make them for all dogs, not just
dachshunds, and they've even made them for other critters like cats,
rabbits, etc. We also use Smiling Dog Doggie Catcher seatbelts - the
loop on the harness will take a seatbelt through it, but we prefer the
separate seatbelt and use the loop as a handle to get a grip on Bandit
particularly at the vet, when meeting strange dogs, etc.

Life update, long post

Here is an update from Home Improvement Hell, New England chapter (as opposed to the NYC or UK chapters;) ) Apologies to those who will see it twice....

+ - Kitchen floor is DONE. What should have taken a weekend took a week and a half. Pulling off the old, worn, nasty tile (1) revealed a degree of manky moldy mess that probably should have been dealt with by a HazMat team, but we just threw on natrile gloves and dealt with it ourselves. Tore it right down to the ancient hardwood, treated that with repeated applications of enzymatic odor killer, and then painted the hell out of it. Odor gone. Then installed the new floor (2). Lost one night to La Beagle scaring the bejeesus out of us and making us do a 9PM emergency vet run when she collapsed while outside. Anaphylaxis - she got bit by a spider. We now have an epi-pen for her. She's fine but it took a few days for me - largely because I didn't sleep that one night. + - Having the mold that was under the floor gone seems to be helping the asthma.

- - the constant paint fumes are doing a number on my sinuses.

+ - We have the preapproval on the mortgage locked!

- - STILL not done painting everything that needs painting. I'm getting bloody tired of tripping over painting equipment. But hey, cabinets (3) and doors(4) done...even if it means entire contents of said cabinets are on kitchen table(5)!

+ - the electrical part is done. So convenient having an in-house electrician, even if he does hate doing residential work.

+ - Said in-house electrician got a side job that infused us with a dose of extra cash right then we needed it. JB is going to finally have her teeth done the day after Father's Day (18June). Bloodwork related to the episode she had showed her liver values to be off in a way that suggests her gums are infected so it has to get done now.

- - Old dog. Anaesthesia. Me, anxious? Well, DUH.

+ - Our realtor, who is Don's cousin, values our house a bit higher than we had hoped. He'll update the MVR once we're done the improvements, too. Maybe as soon as next week.

+ - Said realtor might be in the market for a secretary soon. He has my resume. Nepotism makes the world go 'round, doncha know.

+ - I've lost 8 lbs this month just be trying to eat a bit healthier and all this activeness with remodeling. Yay me!

- - This fibromyalgia/rheumatoid arthritis/whatevertheheck that's wrong with my neuromuscular system has been pretty much for crap.

+ - I've still managed to lose said 8 lbs, and my doc is sending me to a very good rheumatologist so we can find out for once and for all what the heck is wrong. We know its not JUST fibro - if it was, anti-inflammatory meds would not work. And they do, at least they take the edge off most of the time. He said we will start with the rheumatologist, see what pans out there.

- -Of course the doc he's sending me to is the only game in town here in the ass end of nowhere so I may not get in to see him until September or so.

+ - We've determined that my pain meds were not impacting the asthma, they were getting the GERD going, and the GERD was making the asthma worse. Therefore, pain meds are back in play, I just take a Pepcid with them. Yay prescription-strength Naproxyn.

+ - New asthma med - Xolair. THE shizznit for severe allergy-related asthma. Which it should be for $800US a dose, 2 doses a month. Thank goodness for good prescription coverage - we had to jump through a variety of flaming hoops to get it approved, but it did finally and I just had my second set of shots. Did I mention that it's injections? Yep, 2 shots once a month. My weight goal is now to get under 175 lbs - then it will only be one needle a month. ;) It has definitely helped the asthma - now I need to overcome the deconditioning caused by the asthma being rotten for the last 2+ years.

+ - My hair is now a medium chestnutty brown with coppery highlights and I love it. I will try to get Don to take a pic or two when the sun comes back out and post them.

So that's my life of late. Next time I slow down long enough, I'll update again :).

Oh. Fucksticks.

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The only good thing here is that I have 5 days left on the warranty. Don is at the storage as we speaking digging out the box with all the information I might need. I just hope like hell this is recoverable...a new MacBook is not in the cards just yet. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I was just yesterday thinking, thanks to AAH, that I was well overdue for a backup too. If anyone wants details, just shout here...can't check e-mail or nuffin. I'm on Don's machine at present.

Dogblog time!

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JennyB & Bandit happy in the spring sunshine while we paint the house. :-)

Little visitor

This *tiny* bugger was making me laugh so hard I was having a hard time
getting a good shot - each time I got in front of him he was getting all
aggro at me and rearing up. He was considerably smaller than a pencil
eraser - spiderling, I reckon.Last post for tonight, I promise :-)