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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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To celebrate stitches removed!

(viewed 846 times)
8th Aug 2008, 19:14   comments (5)

Ice, ice baby.

(viewed 1464 times)
1st Aug 2008, 23:56   comments (3)

SEE! I can haz smile!!!

(viewed 1450 times)
1st Aug 2008, 15:42   comments (14)

Goodbye, cruel world....

(viewed 913 times) say my top teeth at 9:30 AM. The next picture you see of me
smiling will be with shiny new fake ones. All hail plastics technology!

These are the gentle pictures, you'll note, for those who got grossed
out when I posted the one showing just how bad they really are. :)

ETA: I'm home. typing one handed to hold ice on face. pretty significant pain but tylenol with codiene help. dom making me jello for later, meanwhile having a pudding cup. eggs will be supper. and yogurt. taking pills is hard, so afraid of getting caught in denture - ptsd from braces days. Massive amount of saliva - will be sleeping on several towels with backups. Thanks for the good wishes everryone!

ETA #2. I just smiled at myself in the mirror. And cried. :) :) :)
31st Jul 2008, 05:32   comments (9)

Boo. Yah!

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15th Jul 2008, 18:12   comments (8)

Let's try this

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With kudos to mat and team if it works...

These are pics from a few weeks ago, the same day I took the flower and bug pics. While I was taking those, Don had hired a huge jackhammer and was taking the protruding tops off the huge chunk of granite ledge that runs down the side of the house. These rocks have been the bane of his existence since he was old enough to run the lawnmower. I helped load rocks when he wasn't jackhammering but stayed well away when he was working with it.

In the third pic, I'm standing almost to the road on the first rock tip. The ledge extends well beyond Don, out under and past the shed back there. BIG rock.

Also, perhaps Geo or Euphro might be interested in the rock in the first pic, it was in amongst the granite, and is a bit odd and pumice like. I meant to save a piece but didn't, although I could always go digging in the rock pile to find more. ;)

Or should it be derangement?

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Some of you may remember this post and this one (a little bit icky, you're warned) from my failed DailyMe moblog. After 6 months of financial finagling we've finally got it sorted and I am having my first hygiene appointment next week, the other one sometime in the next few weeks, and the big day to remove all of the bad teeth (15 in all - all the top ones and 2 bottoms) on the 31st of July. Finally. You all may actually get to see me smiling at some point this year!

30th Jun 2008, 18:07   comments (7)

Steam powerful (again with movie this time)

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Don's friend Jim, same fellow that owns the grasshopper tractor in
earlier sets, has this neat table of small to miniature steam powered