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I am approaching the point - somebody stop me!

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posted by blmopus67

16th Jul 2004, 23:39   comments (0)

careful now....

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posted by mat

14th Jul 2004, 21:17   comments (1)


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posted by teflon

24th Jun 2004, 11:59   comments (4)


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(World Trade Center station)

posted by teflon

24th Jun 2004, 11:53   comments (0)

Oldest Bar in Indiana, USA

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posted by blmopus67

10th Jun 2004, 00:25   comments (0)


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9th Jun 2004, 22:08   comments (0)

The best there is.

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I think this is the most expressive sign in common use in Britain today. No buggering about - touch this and it will KILL you.

Also if the illustration is to be believed, anyone who isn't fried by the massive transformer is going to be personally executed by God *just* for being that f**king stupid! And quite right too.


posted by funkbutton
6th Jun 2004, 08:18   comments (2)

The way out, Morrissey.

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Walk toward the light.


posted by Laszlo Q. V. St.J. Xalieri

4th Jun 2004, 20:46   comments (0)