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watch out!

(viewed 967 times)

posted by teflon

23rd Dec 2004, 00:20   comments (1)

Lovekyn Close

(viewed 1196 times)
Repost (lost during crash).

posted by Dave

19th Dec 2004, 16:57   comments (7)

Free Erection

(viewed 1239 times)
Repost (lost during the crash).

posted by Dave

19th Dec 2004, 16:56   comments (3)


(viewed 1752 times)
[and there were old people crossing but I couldn't get them in the shot!!!]

posted by mysocalledmoblog

15th Dec 2004, 20:22   comments (3)

Mystery signs.

(viewed 1610 times)
Those road signs are just empty circles. What does that mean?

posted by kadamontaga

20th Sep 2004, 19:12   comments (8)

Burger King Spillage Warning.

(viewed 1728 times)
"Burger King does not accept any responsibility for spillages once drink
have been handed out to the customer.

Thank you."

posted by kadamontaga

15th Sep 2004, 18:38   comments (0)

Coolest sign EVAR?

(viewed 1475 times)

posted by Joe
6th Sep 2004, 09:43   comments (2)

...or virtues

(viewed 1088 times)

posted by lefthanded04

6th Sep 2004, 00:47   comments (0)