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Naughty bins!

(viewed 1438 times)
(FYI: The moving talking singing bins are an artwork that has just been
installed in Cambridge. However, they've been temporarily taken away!)

posted by joie

15th Jun 2005, 00:19   comments (4)

How Much?

(viewed 1122 times)

posted by lefthanded04

14th Jun 2005, 20:03   comments (4)

Funny sign

(viewed 10165 times)
Found in a music studio

posted by FakeID

14th Jun 2005, 15:15   comments (0)

Mmmmm.... Alien Jerky

(viewed 1168 times)

posted by Tori

13th Jun 2005, 00:43   comments (1)

Please remove your smock

(viewed 1174 times)
This was in the bar of the hotel

posted by Mike at Ladygarden

12th Jun 2005, 23:05   comments (1)

I live next door.

(viewed 1302 times)

posted by bronxelf

12th Jun 2005, 20:14   comments (2)


(viewed 1171 times)

posted by Adam

11th Jun 2005, 23:52   comments (0)

Road Signs

(viewed 3114 times)
the Design Museum's got a little exhibit on how British road signs
look like they do. Including this picture of Margaret Calvert, one of
the designers, when she was little - which she used as the basis for
the school crossing sign. Bet you didn't know that. :)

posted by teflon