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Old station signs

(viewed 1886 times)

Posted by Richcolour

12th Aug 2007, 09:22   comments (0)

London Zoo

(viewed 3335 times)

Posted by Richcolour

3rd Aug 2007, 14:45   comments (1)

All kinds of gloves

(viewed 1136 times)

Posted by hildegard

30th Jul 2007, 15:28   comments (0)


(viewed 1085 times)
Some say "Slippery when wet", others may use "Slip Hazard", but I'd like to
doff my hat to the council sign maker for the use of the word inclement.
Well done, Sir.

Posted by Richcolour

29th Jul 2007, 01:20   comments (0)

don't sleep in the beach!!

(viewed 1079 times)

Posted by mara

29th Jul 2007, 00:36   comments (0)

Be considerate to old people

(viewed 1846 times)
This sign would be improved if it had false teeth flying out of grandad's
head. Maybe some will be added when I next pass it.

Posted by Richcolour

27th Jul 2007, 14:20   comments (0)

Electro Shock

(viewed 913 times)
The sign would make a good cover for an old school electro compilation.

Posted by Richcolour

20th Jul 2007, 12:34   comments (1)

The Grey Horse

(viewed 1054 times)
Sadly it looks like the brewery are going to let this wonderful
terracotta extravagance fall down so they can sell the land for flats. :(

Posted by hildegard

15th Jul 2007, 17:56   comments (0)