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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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The Real McKenzies

I couldn't believe it when I saw that The Real McKenzies were playing in my local. But they were. Really. Canada to Gateshead is a big step. Anyway, Trevor, Phil and I had a great night. Apologies for the lack, as usual, of a proper camera.
21st Jan 2010, 23:43   comments (0)


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I made this a long time ago. I've started another now.
18th Jan 2010, 22:23   comments (3)

Grandson at almost three months

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16th Jan 2010, 19:28   comments (2)

The Skatoons

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In my local, you can't beat a bit of ska
15th Jan 2010, 23:11   comments (0)

It's too early and too cold for this

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I should still be all warm and snug in bed.
12th Jan 2010, 06:35   comments (1)

Dirty animals on pizza

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10th Jan 2010, 01:22   comments (1)

Phil and bob having a snog

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9th Jan 2010, 23:32   comments (0)

Bob's still in pain

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9th Jan 2010, 22:44   comments (0)