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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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Get Carter

(viewed 357 times)
Get Carter's on TV. It's a shame the car park's going to be demolished.
9th Apr 2010, 00:04   comments (0)

An old door I've been working on

(viewed 391 times)
A before and after picture.
5th Apr 2010, 12:07   comments (0)

I do think it's quite beautiful

(viewed 656 times)
5th Apr 2010, 00:22   comments (3)

Monster spider

(viewed 735 times)
This thing is on the loose in my living room!
3rd Apr 2010, 08:29   comments (0)


(viewed 417 times)
One sad outcome of the recent recession is that large businesses seem to be turning to crime.
1st Apr 2010, 16:42   comments (1)

The streets are filled with goths and greeks

(viewed 415 times)
28th Mar 2010, 16:38   comments (0)

New batteries

(viewed 377 times)
Its arm is moving again. Batteries make a real difference.
28th Mar 2010, 13:51   comments (0)

Low doorway

(viewed 1077 times)
27th Mar 2010, 18:30   comments (0)