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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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I want to live here!

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A street with my surname, what more could i want.
1st Jun 2010, 00:08   comments (0)


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A shortcut through a cemetary isn't my cleverest moment.
1st Jun 2010, 00:05   comments (0)


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A couple of years ago, I found that a cool toad was living in the pond in my garden. It only appeared a couple of times last year but hasn't at all so far this year. Anyway, on sighting the creature today, I ran in the house for my camera. Unfortunately, the toad turned out to be some of the slimy bubbly stuff that floats on the surface of the water. Perhaps the toad is no more.
31st May 2010, 17:05   comments (0)

A lovely Summer's day

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Perfect for moving rocks around.
31st May 2010, 12:31   comments (0)

Detroit Social Club

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29th May 2010, 23:12   comments (0)


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After losing the ability to send or receive text messages on Friday, in common with lots of other people on Three, I wasn't too impressed when I saw this.
23rd May 2010, 20:21   comments (0)


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It's a lovely day for sitting in a tent
22nd May 2010, 11:38   comments (0)

Morning appears to have broken

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It's nice to be home
22nd May 2010, 04:17   comments (0)