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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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The Vaudeville Class

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@ the Dog and Parrot, Newcastle
6th Aug 2010, 21:48   comments (0)

Ten bottles of erdinger ...

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31st Jul 2010, 18:51   comments (3)

Happy dogday

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Dog the Bounty Hunter just twittered 'happy birthday' to my youngest child.
31st Jul 2010, 18:45   comments (0)

Apparently, it'll take eight weeks to demolish

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27th Jul 2010, 18:04   comments (0)

A sad day

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Demolition of the 'Get Carter' car park started today. A very short sighted move.

These are only mobile phone pictures, I'll put some better ones at
26th Jul 2010, 19:18   comments (2)

Subways of Washington

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Tyne and Wear, that is.
24th Jul 2010, 16:19   comments (0)


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The bestest ever way to shop.
24th Jul 2010, 12:10   comments (0)


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My shiny new recycling bin. My old one is now a huge plant pot.
24th Jul 2010, 12:08   comments (0)