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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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In a club in town the other night

It seemed like a good idea when I'd had beer.
15th Aug 2010, 18:15   comments (0)


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15th Aug 2010, 18:10   comments (0)


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14th Aug 2010, 21:04   comments (0)

Toilet wall in the Free Trade Inn, Ouseburn

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14th Aug 2010, 20:59   comments (0)

Goodbye to the 80s

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The removal of the tasteful 80s additions to a 1970s Washington town centre.
9th Aug 2010, 19:06   comments (0)


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You can't quite see the 'suitable for vegetarians' label. Bottom right. About time too!
8th Aug 2010, 21:28   comments (0)


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I don't really like football, but I have to admit it's a cool metro station.
7th Aug 2010, 22:06   comments (0)

Wet paint

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7th Aug 2010, 21:44   comments (0)