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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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There were a lot more, but some flew away when i took my phone out to take the picture.
26th Sep 2010, 13:01   comments (1)

Gateshead multi-storey car park

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Sadly, there's very, very little of it remaining.
25th Sep 2010, 14:17   comments (2)

Sam Baker

(viewed 566 times)
Sam Baker was just brilliant. Listen to him!
19th Sep 2010, 16:00   comments (0)

Robin Trower

(viewed 360 times)
Apparently this man is famous. My mate Peter keeps telling me he is anyway. This is the third time I've seen Mr Trower. Um, yay. Or something.
16th Sep 2010, 21:15   comments (0)

Ear stroking

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I'm sitting on a bus at this point of time, an X1, between Washington and Gateshead. This man is lovingly stroking his own ear.
13th Sep 2010, 19:04   comments (0)

Gateshead car park's final days

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It's quite brutal to watch, there's very little left now.
11th Sep 2010, 14:45   comments (0)

E on Newsnight

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Who'd have thought it. E (of Eels) on Newsnight.
9th Sep 2010, 22:03   comments (0)

My mate Karl's in a band

(viewed 442 times)
The Vaudeville Class. Go look them up on youtube. These people are damn good. They played in my local tonight.
8th Sep 2010, 00:44   comments (0)