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This is where I put spur of the moment mobile phone pictures. For anything else, see

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The Sage with snow

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The Sage, Gateshead (behind the Tyne bridge). Belle & Sebastian are playing there tomorrow night.
4th Dec 2010, 13:38   comments (0)


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I think I need to replace my guttering.
4th Dec 2010, 13:17   comments (0)


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I have a four foot icicle hanging off the back of my house. It's actually quite therapeutic, watching it grow, along with the other slightly smaller icicles. However, this one's a lot smaller. But I kindof like it.
4th Dec 2010, 02:24   comments (0)

Ship in a bottle

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On the fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square. There's no snow here. Everything looks strangely unwhite.
1st Dec 2010, 17:02   comments (2)

Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square

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Too early for lights.
1st Dec 2010, 16:59   comments (1)

Houses of Parliament

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1st Dec 2010, 15:48   comments (0)

More bloody snow!

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29th Nov 2010, 10:27   comments (0)

My street

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More bloody snow!
29th Nov 2010, 02:00   comments (0)