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It's the annual gift exchange / Christmas lunch today (or 'holiday' lunch as
americans put it). We get a little something from the big boss too.
Hmmm...wonder what joys are in those bags?

Birthday #2

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I got another year older too. My Mum and Dad sent me flowers arranged in a
margarita glass, and I had a real one when I went out for dinner and a movie
with the hubby :)

Weekend birthday #1

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The nephew turned 18 on Saturday, so I thought it only proper that as his
aunt I should post a baby picture along with a current one -- aaaw!


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We went over to the mother-in-law's house last night and I managed to snag
this old painting. It was done about 40 years ago by a family friend and my
hubby can remember it being in their house as a child. It was in the basement,
gathering dust so I thought I'd give it a new lease of life. Kind of scruffy,
but I like it.

Surely you jest!

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This is the creepy jester they put in our office lobby with the decorations
each Christmas. He's right by the front door and has a really smug grin.
It's like he's watching you. Weirdo!

Good mooning!

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This morning my alarm clock went off but I looked outside and it was clearly
still the middle of the night! Waargh!
(I'm also posting this because I can't believe my crappy little camera-phone
managed to get this half-decent shot!)


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The nephew at work...

Seeing stars

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The beginnings of my Christmas decorations -- some groovy blue stars, and
one of our neighbour's lights.