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Secret Files

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Part of the joy that is my job is keeping the accounts in order. These files
contain paperwork for where the company money goes. Note how the folders for
Staff Appreciation / Development are in pristine condition (because they
weren't used), yet the folder for credit card money they took in is all
beaten up. Hmmm!
21st Mar 2007, 19:29   comments (0)

Red-nosin' in the USA

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There's no red nose day here :( so the best I could do was fashion one out
of an old baseball dog toy and some spray paint!************************************** AOL now offers free email to everyone.
Find out more about what's free from AOL at

Hey Bud!

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At last, signs of life! This is our dogwood tree (I think!) starting to bloom -- two
shots with normal colours and one with me messing with the hue/saturation
15th Mar 2007, 12:28   | tags:,,,comments (6)


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I got bored waiting for the husband to finish playing darts last night, so I
took a few pictures of shiny stuff around the bar.

Taking a liberty

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This is a mirror in a local bar. What you can't see is that it's advertising
Old Grandad Whiskey, but I couldn't quite get it in the shot. Hmmm --
restore the spirit of America by drinking??


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The tulips are starting to fall to pieces now, but the bulbs outside are
sprouting so there'll be more colour around here soon.
11th Mar 2007, 00:57   | tags:,,comments (5)


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From this afternoon's trip to the woods...
11th Mar 2007, 00:52   | tags:,,,comments (2)

For Mum

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This is going to be my Mum's mother's day prezzie. A stained glass
sun-catcher which is really only the size of a beer mat but looks huge here!
I think I'd better post it today so it makes it across the pond in time.