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We saw a lot of bull this weekend...
28th Jan 2008, 15:38   comments (4)


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Part of my shiny dolphin mobile.
27th Jan 2008, 02:07   comments (0)

Balancing act

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I was sitting at the bar, bored out of my mind, so I started balancing quarters on their sides. Then the husband got all competitive and tried to do it too. We got 25 of them up by the time we were finished!
20th Jan 2008, 01:32   comments (3)

Gettin' all medieval

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I dusted off the Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and actually
got Castlevania to work (it's at least 25 years old!) After hours of fun
reliving our youth though, it finally froze at Stage 15 and we had to hit the
dreaded Reset button (no memory cards here!)
Thankfully, after a bit of a rest it still works...and the picture quality
is ace! :D


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My mother-in-law gave me a big fat bulb in a jar for my birthday. It's been
a month now though and it's actually turned into something quite nice!
11th Jan 2008, 02:16   comments (4)

*Time is running out*

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Happy New Year All!


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Our niece got engaged on Christmas Day. Aaaar!


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Merry Christmas Mobloggers!