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6th Jul 2009, 00:48   comments (1)


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23rd Jun 2009, 13:29   comments (1)

Mega Dega Jacket Spud

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My jacket potato is the approximate size of a birthday cake
3rd Jun 2009, 12:31   | tags:,comments (0)


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28th Feb 2009, 15:52   comments (1)

Veena's Big Apple

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Veena's leaving for New York soon so I knitted her a big apple. Looks chod and the stuffing's already gone a bit weird and boogly, but not ONE SINGLE DROPPED STITCH. Which for me is huge.
20th Feb 2009, 16:49   | tags:,,comments (2)


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Martin made burgers for me, Nick and himself, and they were so huge we could not fit them in our mouths. Mayo, gherkins, tomatoes, lettuce, pork and beef handmade burger. NOM.
11th Feb 2009, 15:15   | tags:,,comments (2)

My Two Musketeers

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OK, so I didn't actually take this, but Martin sent me it (of him and Nick at Bedrock) and I got a pang! I was watching my dad do a flying dismount off his drums at a biker club in Ripley - RAWK!
8th Feb 2009, 00:30   | tags:,,comments (2)


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Tom said he wasn't going to come with us (about 10 of us) to the carvery at lunch. We all went and had an ace time.

Then when we were leaving we saw him sat with some other people from F&G; (the dept that he's seconded from to Atkins) so we said he was dead meat and yeah, that's where all the notes have come from.
"Judas" on 3 post it notes, a scrawled a6 note from me (Judas), "Judas sheep scum" from Sean, and "welcome to coventry you utter scum. J.U.D.A.S."

He's coming in now and we've been instructed by Jazz to not speak to him at all.

The person that speaks to him first will also be named a Judas.

Jazz to Janette: "if you talk to him first you will be tarred with the same brush."
6th Feb 2009, 13:44   | tags:,,comments (4)
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