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A nice old radio

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Possibly the only nice thing about the dentist. stoopid dentist.well, ok, well educated dentist, but not much fun all the same. sigh.
3rd Oct 2006, 08:15   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Got a job!

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Just a temporary one to tide me over for a bit, but it will be good to start working again. and really weird too!

Sunday @ The Cardi Arms

A lovely night of acoustic music including Silverlode, Gary Stewart, Fran Rodgers, Last Night's TV and rather oddly Danbert Nobacon from Chumbawumba. He wasn't very good. The rest were fantastic.

In related news, with any luck it looks like I'm going to join a band as a guitarist. This is a Good Thing. I'll post up more as things progress :)

The brain is back

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And bigger than ever! eww!

Clicky for the 1st appearance!

World Aids Day Treasure Hunt - Dec 1st 2006

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Ahoy! This being Talk Like a Pirate Day it seems fitting to be
presenting you with a fine project I've been floggin me guts out fer.
There be plenty to keep ye informed at:


Yo ho ho!

Culinary Greatness

The creation of the squash, spinach and ricotta "Rotollo" pasta last
night - it was proper tasty!
16th Sep 2006, 23:22   | tags:,,,comments (7)

I've had the oddest week.

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OK, so I hit the job trail again this week after some tussles ironing out the "wrinkles" that kept me from the last one I was going for.

On monday I sent my cv to a "New Marketing Agency" Ooh, I think. This could be good. Tuesday I get a phone call asking me in for an interview which is nice so I look up the website. Which is broken. Good start. The email looks like wallpaper too, which is odd for a marketing agency.

So I turn up, and there are about 6 other people for the same timeslot as me, including one poor soul who was about 17 and in jeans and a t-shirt, who was sent straight home. The office had "motivational power ballads" running, you know, simply the best, we are the champions, etc etc. I notice that I'm the oldest there and in fact everyone in the office seems under 30. EVERYONE.

So I get through the first interview in a breeze and am asked back for a 2nd day (Yesterday), where I find out that the job is standing about in shops and selling phone plans. 6 days a week. 12 hours a day. Not quite the marketing job I'm after. However by this point I'm stuck in a car going to "The Field" and have a whole day of it ahead of me.

So I go along and watch them make a sale or two, then am given a train ticket and told to go back to the office, where they ask me what I thought of the day and the job and if I'd like to run my own office (for this company) somewhere in the UK in the next 4 months. The thoughts petrified me - surely this kind of expantion isn't supportable? And it seems as soon as you get some bad results in you're left out to dry because you're an "Owner"...

Anyway, they offered me the job, I asked for a night to think about it - which they said no to, so I followed my gut and turned them down.

So I've gone from being turned down for a job one week to turning down a job the next. Some kind of middle ground would be nice.

balloon race

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Found this well traveled fella in my garden! well, it's only from huddersfield, but it made me smile and i sent it back with a letter saying well done.