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Meet Klunsie

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Klunsie was designed by Ronja (8) and assembled by me (?), she likes to hide in the bushes or sit on the toiletpaper.
27th Sep 2006, 20:27   comments (0)

The new boat

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Granny Popie has a new boat and took us all out for a trip. During this trip her grandson Thijs kept yelling he wanted to go faster, we passed a very low bridge and ran out of petrol!
18th Sep 2006, 16:57   comments (1)

True colors

(viewed 904 times)
5th Sep 2006, 16:30   comments (10)

My girl

(viewed 894 times)
She scored today!
2nd Sep 2006, 12:58   comments (3)


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It's been raining for weeks now, I'm fed up!
31st Aug 2006, 20:44   comments (0)

take it slow

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13th Aug 2006, 13:22   comments (8)

All work ...

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Today it's work, last night I played (too hard)
I feel a bit out of place at my work in the library today after Viory's bithdayparty last night.
12th Aug 2006, 11:56   comments (1)

French Fishing

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7th Aug 2006, 19:26   comments (2)
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