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Hooray for weird Christmas displays

(viewed 2166 times)
Last night we passed this rug store. It was closed, and yet it featured:

A. Loud Christmas music blaring through outdoor speakers
B. Full interior lighting as well as festive lit sculptures
C. A plasma TV with a video of rugs playing over and over
D. A ram

Happy Holidays!
12th Dec 2004, 21:23   comments (3)

Secret geek lair.

(viewed 977 times)
I found it!! Actually, I just wanted to try sending a pic from my new phone. Whee!
10th Dec 2004, 22:56   comments (2)

Our own private disco.

(viewed 1042 times)
LaserPod + fog machine + Treo 650= Groovy.
10th Dec 2004, 21:46   comments (3)

Look akp, some people really buy these things!

(viewed 1385 times)
Yes, this graced our festive Thanksgiving table in 2002.

The M&M; eyes were a last minute addition before serving. Personally, I
think it made all the difference.
9th Dec 2004, 21:39   comments (17)

I love the Wild West Fry's.

(viewed 1088 times)
7th Dec 2004, 03:57   comments (2)

Lemon Twisty

(viewed 859 times)
This Rose Petal was very delicious. Well, the first two sips were, but then Ed knocked it over and it all spilled onto his pants. Oops.
5th Dec 2004, 11:04   comments (1)

Beware the giant egg.

(viewed 984 times)
This one was taken especially for GregErin.
5th Dec 2004, 11:03   comments (2)

For Tori and akp

(viewed 784 times)
Well, we didn't actually go in, but we did walk by. Yay HyperBowl! :)
5th Dec 2004, 11:03   comments (3)