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Rainy night on the Golden Gate Bridge

(viewed 1377 times)
(No, I wasn't the one driving.)
28th Feb 2005, 23:55   comments (1)

Hello, Mr. Salad.

(viewed 954 times)
The guys at the pizza place must have a sense of humor.
25th Feb 2005, 04:53   comments (3)

Trash Can Mystery solved!!

(viewed 1160 times)
Today my webcam caught the culprit responsible for the mysterious moving of my trash can onto my lawn each Wednesday.

I thought my moblog friends might enjoy the full story.
23rd Feb 2005, 19:20   comments (7)

Akp, master bartender

(viewed 1146 times)
Akp and Tori kept plying us with beverages all weekend.
15th Feb 2005, 03:37   comments (2)

Cranky cake.

(viewed 1162 times)
15th Feb 2005, 03:29   comments (1)

Babies love coffee.

(viewed 1037 times)
14th Feb 2005, 20:52   comments (5)

Getting a tan the hard way.

(viewed 976 times)
Cranky, the master multitasker.
9th Feb 2005, 02:16   comments (6)

Suck it, Chicago winter.

(viewed 1080 times)
The orange tree in my neighbor's yard, hanging over our fence. 65
degrees and sunny.

I miss Chicago, but I don't miss the weather. :D
1st Feb 2005, 22:06   comments (3)