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A place to log my rediculously rediculous life!

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Sega master system collection!

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Well...(Yes, I am this sad) - A bit of nostalgia for many of you i'm sure, a picture of my current collection of Sega master system games. Can't remember how many I have but there they are, only in ALPHABETICAL order people! Now i'm off to slit my wrists for being so god damn geeky! Ohh, my life.

Fish fetish (strange)

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Whilst visiting a garden centre on Saturday, I looked at some of the different breeds of goldfish and spotted this little lady. I think I fell in love with her and her beautiful face and simply had to take a pic with my phone. As you can see she wanted to model naked for me and faced the camera with a sexy pose! She may star in next months FHM, i'm so lucky, I know she only has eyes for me!

Painted lady

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A picture that I painted just before Christmas. It was done as a gift and I ended up rushing to get it finished. It was drawn on canvas with acrylics. I painted it over 3 days (about 4 hours per day). The lighting in the photo makes it look slightly worse than the real version! - Excuses, excuses huh.

I hope this picture doesn't cause any offence. If it does I will gladly remove it. It is arty though so I hope that this is considered.

Very handy... doh

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Staying with the theme of body parts, here are my hands (actually, it's one hand flipped to get the symetrical look) This took me about 40 minutes. The hand picture was taken with the Nokia 7610 also!!

Eye eye

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My eye after some editing...I have hazel eyes but for some reason when I took the picture with my camera phone (Nokia 7610) it came out blue :| wierd. I was going to edit it anyway since i'm a graphic designer and love to play :D

Hot Shots

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I want to run a bar in Thailand, so when I return in July I hope to buy one. I have too much time to think until then, so i'm getting ideas. This is one of the logo designs I made in Paint Shop. Not sure if I like it 100% but i'll keep posting ideas and hopefuly, you guys can give me a little feedback! :D

Flutter by butterfly

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Another memory of Thailand right here...A butterfly that landed on my hand whilst playing pool in a bar! :)

Thailand skies

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A gorgeous picture taken whilst in Thailand last month. This photo was actually taken by Pete with a Sony Handicam but I like it so it's getting officially mobloged.
3rd Mar 2006, 15:53   | tags:,,,,comments (3)
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