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The rather mundane world of the mobile Rikaitch
Images (mostly) taken with a Nokia N95 and mostly sent directly or transferred to the PC via Bluetooth and then sent.

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Anyone know a good korean restaurant?

(viewed 957 times)
23rd May 2005, 22:11   comments (1)

My paw so hurts :-(

(viewed 731 times)
22nd May 2005, 14:08   comments (8)

Bless the sick kitty

(viewed 1050 times)
22nd May 2005, 13:09   comments (3)

Calling all JudgeTredd Fans

(viewed 850 times)
JudgeTredd has norked his PC, so will be offline until at least next Wednesday.He's so depressed, he decided to commit hari-kari.
20th May 2005, 17:19   comments (1)

Maybe this would be more apt...

(viewed 692 times)
Read my blog here to find out why.
20th May 2005, 17:14   comments (0)

Kitten pics to make you say ahhh then puke

(viewed 1027 times)
Please comment. Kittens seem to break all records for comments. Lets see if another can be broken.(The higher the number, the more kitten pics sent)
19th May 2005, 22:55   comments (3)

Now, how do I get Swedish porn?

(viewed 2689 times)
17th May 2005, 21:52   comments (7)

Guinness for Scaryduck

(viewed 2174 times)
Going for a burton with the blog master and genuinely funny nice guy Scaryduck
17th May 2005, 21:51   comments (11)