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The rather mundane world of the mobile Rikaitch
Images (mostly) taken with a Nokia N95 and mostly sent directly or transferred to the PC via Bluetooth and then sent.

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First waffles were smaller...

(viewed 708 times)
... Now chips have got a little bit bigger!

(taken next to a pound coin for scale.)
20th Aug 2005, 20:37   comments (1)

Oh no! My twunt mug is fading. :-(

(viewed 845 times)
19th Aug 2005, 12:28   comments (2)

This notebook's buggered

(viewed 734 times)
I can't even install windows 98. It's going to be a long day.
17th Aug 2005, 13:46   comments (6)

Still backing up. 2 hours to do 12%

(viewed 702 times)
16th Aug 2005, 21:27   comments (0)

Using Knoppix to back up corrupt xp

(viewed 743 times)
And the sodding thing is just taking forever!

Yes... that's 4 hours, 49 minutes, 22 seconds remaining to copy 3.6Gb
16th Aug 2005, 19:16   | tags:comments (0)

How many sheep?

(viewed 751 times)
14th Aug 2005, 18:21   comments (7)

for alfie, steve and Judge Tredd

(viewed 2518 times)
Breaking the sound barrier in the air is a nice effect, but I find the effect on the ground as the shockwave spreads is so much more demonstrative. And not forgetting just how technically advanced the Thrust SSC team must have been to get a sonic boom on land.In a word... Amazing.
11th Aug 2005, 23:50   comments (0)

nothing better then a warm evening walk

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11th Aug 2005, 21:05   comments (0)