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@ the Beach

(viewed 643 times)
5th Apr 2009, 09:38   comments (0)

Not just Casinos

(viewed 741 times)
Just to give you a more rounded view of Macau I thought that I should
include the rather excellent beach.

I'm told that the water isn't very polluted and only looks brown
because of the silt... When it gets warmer I will let you know.

It's not quite beach season yet but luckily for us the wood burning
oven pizza place is open, cheap, nice, and good.
5th Apr 2009, 09:38   comments (6)

Moomin flavoured candy

(viewed 726 times)
5th Apr 2009, 09:34   comments (5)

More sweeties

(viewed 812 times)
5th Apr 2009, 09:34   comments (8)

Melon Colly

(viewed 861 times)
When I saw this I just had to buy it. I then went home, put on a long
black cardigan, some eyeliner, I shut the curtains, and put on the
Smiths. Surprisingly it actually tastes like Melon rather than
depression, which was disappointing because I hate the taste of
Melon... But maybe that is the point?
5th Apr 2009, 09:33   comments (1)

Silly me

(viewed 641 times)
Decided to go out for a run in the dark... needless to say I fell over
and cut my knee. I even got little stone under the skin on my hands!
Haven't done that since I was a kid and it made me feel silly/
5th Apr 2009, 09:31   comments (2)

New T shirt

(viewed 733 times)
23rd Mar 2009, 13:38   comments (5)

Over the top Muffin

(viewed 718 times)
23rd Mar 2009, 13:15   comments (3)