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We Hate the Royal Mail!

by ransom

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We Hate the Royal Mail!!

The Royal Mail SUCKS!!

Have you sent something recently that wasn't recieved!? Are you waiting to recieve an item? Let everyone know!

How to submit your story:

1. Send/Expect to receive an item of mail.

2. Photograh yourself with late object or card that they may leave if you are 'unavailable' or alternatively rant about lost or damaged mail. Always remembering to take a picture!

3. MMS/email the photograph to: hatemail[at]

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This is an unofficial public moblog - anyone can post, you don't need to be a site member! The blog will be looked after by goode and the rest of the gang! goode will not take responsibility for inappropriate material that is posted and all efforts to have it removed will be made!

After posting your problems here! Let them know about this site by phoning up and complaining!

Royal Mail Customer Service
PO Box 740
Stoke on Trent

tel: 08457 740 740

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Royal Mail are shit!

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Even when mail does eventually arrive it's delivered by a surly, scruffy lad who scowls when I politely ask him for the umpteenth time to SHUT THE FUCKING GATE!

So now he won't knock on for parcels/signature required stuff, just to spite me. I have two big dogs who go beserk when someone knocks on next door's house, never mind mine, but the attached card was pushed through the letterbox on Saturday without so much as a tap.

The letter concerned was a travel Visa for my new job, which I was due to fly out to on Monday morning - so pretty important. The idiot has written TUESDAY on the card, for collection purposes. That's a lot of lost income thanks to this tool.

I phoned the local depot, which is staffed by arseholes who couldn't give a shit. When the "Officer in Charge" (??!) asked what I wanted him to do about it I told him to get out to this round and find his trained monkey to recover the mail. He said he might have finished and 'gone shopping'. At half eleven I asked him why, after paying extortionate 'Special Delivery' rates I hadn't received the item, he said "you should have answered the door, then". That was it, I blew. He went on to say "it's his word against yours" - and dismissed the fact that my girlfriend was also downstairs and heard nothing!

Basically, they're dying on their feet. An old, wheezing monopoly that needs fucking shooting dead. Let the private sector in, see if they can do better - can't be worse than this mess!


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26th Oct 2009, 13:12   comments (1)


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Ok so the queues this time of year are mad! But putting a sign like this up to help people out is great! When it applies! Went to counter 4... Then was told to rejoin the queue at the back, you can't expect to be served first! I didn't mind waiting... But no a position closed sign came out and i was asked to join the queue again... I ripped this sign down! It clearly doesn't apply! Fucking stupid, just plays on peoples anger problems! :)
13th Dec 2008, 12:54   comments (0)

Fwd: I hate Royal Mail

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Hi, where can I complain about Royal Mail service - see the red card, also postman signed for me a letter and put it through the door. I have not signed for this, should I complain about this? Cheers
11th Jan 2008, 09:52   comments (6)

Here we go again!

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It'r coming up to christmas and i can't be bothered ringing the buzzer season! :(

posted by goode

6th Nov 2007, 15:09   comments (2)

Royal Mail Strike Action - Have you been affected?

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I'm just wondering how many people have actually been affected by the strikes taking place all over the UK.

Aberdeen has been hit bad for a few days now with nothing arriving or being sorted at all... After a quick call to the sorting office i heard that any special deliveries were being handled by managers, as the normal posties has staged an unofficial walkout.

Bit of a pain really... Please let me know your thoughts.

posted by goode


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posted by goode

18th May 2007, 13:43   comments (7)

Another no buzzer moment!

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Gutted! I'm pretty sure this is my retro polaroid camera! :-(------
goode "live" out and about!

posted by goode

3rd Mar 2007, 10:48   comments (15)

Sarah's fault!

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I was in! But i was asleep... Sarah was awake but just neglected to tell me the buzzer was going!------
goode "live" out and about!
22nd Dec 2006, 19:09   comments (5)
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