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"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." - Danny Kaye

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They Shoot Moblogers don't they?

IT was a very long day but good fun

1 - I'm sure there is a David Attenborough voice over here explaining about how the Male Moblog team gather around technology.
2-Joker & his small hands
3-If you are sitting comfortably then I will begin - Joker, Maggie, Nige & 095
4-Nige & 541 perform the secret one fingered salute
5-Filbert Fox.
6-FF & Nige
7-SLG - Before security was called
8-Sprocket & Charlotte
9-Time to go - can you work out whose legs they are?
17th May 2009, 22:26   | tags:comments (13)

Duck a l'orange

(viewed 718 times)
Well I never know the difference between a satsuma, a clementine or a mandarin anyway!
15th May 2009, 18:51   comments (4)

Birthday Booty (well shoes)

(viewed 1323 times)
For D as she wanted to share the day
9th May 2009, 18:45   comments (16)

spring evening

(viewed 688 times)
My young swan friend is back. He appears to love posing for pics. Even turning now so the light & the angle are correct
26th Apr 2009, 21:31   comments (5)

Simple things

(viewed 695 times)
4th Apr 2009, 19:16   comments (6)

Goodbye Rufus

(viewed 922 times)
Today Rufus left us after a short illness. He will be missed.
Top photo by Spocket. Mid & Bottom by QSS
25th Feb 2009, 22:18   comments (18)

Who knew he could move so fast.....

(viewed 928 times)
Is it a bullet?
Is it a plane?
No - It's Sprocket being taken apart by two 9 year old girls in a snowball fight!
2nd Feb 2009, 19:46   | tags:,comments (17)

Down in the woods... too cold even for bears

(viewed 857 times)
Early morning - before the fun of the snowball fights
2nd Feb 2009, 19:36   | tags:comments (8)