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"You know your children are growing up when they stop asking where they came from, and refuse to tell you where they're going.." PJ O'Rourke, author.

"We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we bought a cat/dog. It's cheaper and you get more feet!" Rita Rudner, comedian.

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School Project

(viewed 619 times)
This plant is daughter school project. Her teacher said, it's a flower plant
and needs a bit of sunlight to grow..
29th Jun 2006, 12:16   comments (8)

Homemade chicken noodle

(viewed 612 times)
Wanna some?...
29th Jun 2006, 05:29   comments (14)


(viewed 735 times)
I took this pic about a year ago. That time I was wearing size 6/8 (UK) or
36 (french). I don't know if I'll have the same size after the baby's born.
Surely need countless sit-ups and miles of cycling..
28th Jun 2006, 10:15   comments (15)


(viewed 660 times)
Make life simple, shop online for original foods :)
27th Jun 2006, 14:16   comments (18)

Learn how to write

(viewed 623 times)
Picked up daughter from preschool, her teacher handed me a paper and said how good my daughter was in today's "learn how to write your name" activity, proud?.. you betcha! but it doesn't surprise me much as I noticed that she begins to get interested in writing and reading now... it's about time, I think. I just have to sacrifice my phone book, agenda and notes as she's practiced a lot there...
27th Jun 2006, 14:14   comments (4)

Different colours of dusk

(viewed 1000 times)
Same spot, different colours, as dusk fell..
26th Jun 2006, 19:48   comments (12)


(viewed 598 times)
I'm not a football fan, but I sometimes watch the match. Thing that I
complained from FIFA World Cup is their noisy supporters. We have trouble sleeping most nights when the match are over. Many of our neighbours are originally from Italy, Spain or Portugal.. PLUS the Swiss themself. So at the end of these teams match would turn the streets into a party.. poor daughter, she woke up many times lastnight...
26th Jun 2006, 09:06   comments (2)


(viewed 679 times)
Testing my new camphone. I think my old camera (Samsung) has better quality of picture, very sharp if we choose high quality pic mode. My new Nokia 6111 isn't that good in capturing pictures, even I set to high quality pic mode, less sharp and the colour isn't satisfying, but it can record a video up to 1 hour. Well.. still better to take pictures using a digicam.
24th Jun 2006, 19:22   comments (7)