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Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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... stop spreading useless fear to the brainless, so you can start wars without people asking questions.

And if it was a terrorist attack on 911, you were actually surprised? God dammit, you reap what you sow. And expect a new one if you continue like this.

youtube clicky

Stop killin the innocent based on lies!!
23rd Aug 2007, 10:30   comments (1)

9/11 the truth,...

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So now, the inevitable question: if terrorists didn't cause 9/11, who did? Remember that there are in fact two towers. Two minus one is one; one one - 11; two minus one is one; one one, and there are nine members on Silverstein's board of directors. That's nine-one-one. Nine-eleven. And take 2 - 1 + 9/11 and you get 12, which leads us all to the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.


Twelve contains the numbers one and two, just like the toilet yesterday where somebody went number two instead of number one! And one and two with 911 and you get 914! Drop the 4 and it's 91! Exactly the score Kyle got on his spelling test twelve days after 9/11! Who has the most to gain from 9/11?! Kyle! Who was nowhere to be found the morning the towers fell?! Kyle! Who dropped the deuce in the urinal?! Kyle! But probably the most damning of all is the evidence seen in this photo of Tower 2! When I zoomed in I saw what first appeared to be a blur, but when I computer-enhanced it, you almost got away with it, you sneaky butt hole.

I pissed myself,... and oh do I miss G sometimes.

19th Aug 2007, 22:25   comments (10)


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... I'm offically broken, you can salvidge me for spare parts.

Engine is changed and I just drove a few bloks with it. YeeY, my back on the otherhand is now totally wasted and my hands feel like they are on fire.



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... I hurt my back. I can't actually move or walk, when I do all the muscles in my back contract and it feels like my whole upper body freezes. Dammit, and I need to change an enige tomorrow.
17th Aug 2007, 22:38   | tags:,,,comments (16)

Here we go,...

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... dusted of my backpack, aired my sleeping bag, repaired my matres.

The challange to put your life in 6 boxes, and keep the backpack weight under 20 kg's.
My house looks like a bomb went of. My little car still dousn't want to run, picking up a spare engine tomorrow.


It's all worth it in the end.

System manager,...

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... no wonder I keep on loosing files.
17th Aug 2007, 17:18   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Slave Our Souls,..

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15th Aug 2007, 11:52   | tags:,,comments (1)


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12th Aug 2007, 21:03   | tags:,,comments (2)