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Go West,...

(viewed 678 times)
... life is peaceful there.

Blow up art, with the switch of a button.
17th Aug 2008, 16:54   comments (0)

Time to close this chapter,....

.... I realized it's time to move on and not fall back in old rabbits of draining myself in the past.

Thanks you lot, you all filled my life with a year full of smiles.

[1] Thanks for taking care of me during your free weekends.
[2] Muindi and Khadija, stuck with through thick and thin.
[3] Ken, you got me in this mess to start with, you fucking wanker. But so happy we got through it in the end, that your back in the UK, of the booze, and looking forward.Peter your the most reliable Kenyan I ever met. Thanks!
[4] John, what can I say. Thanks for having a psychiatrist on the grounds, and having me laugh so hard I needed to change my underwear.
[5] J-M, thanks for loving me and for making me see someone else when I look in the mirror.
[6] James, now Brother James, you'll never convert me, but you made the weekends something I looked forward to.
[7] Alison, I love you and can't say how much I loved having you around. Thanks for putting me on that bus to Tanzania.
[8] Chris, 9 months of hanging out together. We'll mee again, and dude it will be like "this one time in Malawi". And thanks for the pork.
[9] Mom, (and dad) thanks for the visit, it was one of the highlights. Dad, can't believe you actually came out here.
[10] Isabelle, thanks for being on the bus to Dar, best thing that ever happened to me. Massa pussar!

Well that's it, to most it probably won't make any sense to you all, but I have a new book here, with empty pages.

Time to start writing.

15th Aug 2008, 22:53   comments (9)

Bullet holes and going!

(viewed 836 times)
Why do I have a psycho, bullet dodging, press photographer stalking me and wanting to drag me into certain death...?

Email I just got,...


Hey Dutch Ducky!
So your back, what's up with that brew? Just a short update and proposal.
Last time I asked you to come with me you said no, which (when looking back on it) seemed more then fair, hell I almost regretted going myself. I just got released from hospital, and I'm happy to say I'm fully healed, although the bullets left some nasty scars, doesn't really matter, was butt ugly to start with. So I'm about to head out towards Georgia in a week, just waiting for some new gear before I can leave, vest, helmet and those things. And the invitation is still open. I have a brand new Nikon D3 here for you and a nice selection of lenses and other crap, I can arrange a ticket for you through work. So dude what you say, come and dodge some bullets with me, BREW, pack your tampons and just do it, I know your up for it, I know you can, and I know you have it in you, life is to short hanging at home, rather go out with a blow if your going anyway.

NO PRESSURE! But if you decide to come, let me know. I'm leaving in a weeks time, but can arrange the ticket, press pass, vest and helmet, and of course your gear from Georgia.

Hope to see you at the front line.

Cheers, Mike.

14th Aug 2008, 22:18   comments (25)

Fun in the hotelroom,.....

(viewed 689 times)
... once you realize that there is a video function on the lil camera.
5th Aug 2008, 12:05   comments (4)


(viewed 643 times)
... like this one time in Malawi.

Man I hate "Filthy, Smelly, Abnoxious, Know It All, Unwashed Feet, Stoned Out Of Their Brained Backpackers"

Just so you know.
4th Aug 2008, 22:49   comments (8)


(viewed 611 times)
... well who wants to Bust this myth,... ahum.. about you know,.. African man,...

Anyway, was very funny peeling this poster of the wall on the busiest street in Kampala,....
3rd Aug 2008, 18:13   comments (3)


(viewed 682 times)
.... Fat Bottomed Girls are wanted in Uganda,....

One of my funny souvenirs from Uganda.
3rd Aug 2008, 18:11   comments (1)


(viewed 616 times)
.... and I'm home, arrived yesterday morning after a horrendous airplain ride. Squeezed between two smelly people, of which one kept on having dreams and waking me up with his twitches.

Anyway, I'm home, did laundry and giving myself a week to find some money making job :)
3rd Aug 2008, 17:01   comments (5)