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Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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rss rss feed Queen meets .nl Queen,.....

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....... So the Brit Queen is here, since she was visiting Amsterdam they closed down the highway entrance and let me stand there for 45 mins. I was rather pissed off by this and was tempted to throw an apple that has been in my car for the past 2 weeks at her car. Decided not to do this, would have made my day even longer. Do something usefull with your time, and don waste mine. So now my day planning was all screwed up because I now was 5 mins to late at the post office to pick up a parcell they were suppose to deliver in the evening, wich they didn't. Next time you fell like comming,.. Don't,.. Do Paris and take a tour of the tunnels. That was my ranting for this week. I'll now have a cup of tea and a read in my book.
5th Feb 2007, 17:33   comments (12)

Winter coat,...

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.... Sinced my heater is of during the day, Nubby got a pretty big winter fur by now. Don't think she is realy cold during the day. She spends hours outside when it's freezing cold.
29th Jan 2007, 22:46   comments (4)

Something blue,....

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.... To start the Monday.
29th Jan 2007, 11:48   comments (6)


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... I almost cacked me kecks, me ordered this boak liek a week ago.

Me thought da Bigjob carlin next door steal it. But nah, it was just leet. I was realy boggin for it, and my crivens it's here, nice to read even on da cludgie.

Aye 'm a bunty.
26th Jan 2007, 18:40   comments (2)

What is it,.....

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.... Or better put. What was it.
24th Jan 2007, 17:14   comments (14)


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.... Thank you so much Jenny.

Unwrapping Alex his T-shirt and reading your letter gave me a little weap, but it's very very much apreciated. And ofcourse PINK!!

It's nice that it well worn and I'll give it a nice little spot somewhere. I can't wear it, Alex was a bit more slim then I am.
But not for Nubby to sleep on like you said, although she has been stangely attracted to it sice I unwrapped it,... :)
23rd Jan 2007, 17:16   comments (11)

Winter has finally come,...

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.... (and this is a test, since I had to reinstall Windows PPC on my mobile)
23rd Jan 2007, 09:28   comments (2)

Tunnel vision,.....

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21st Jan 2007, 00:29   comments (4)