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Iranian Blogger on Hunger-Strike

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snark says:

There are some things that are sooOOooo cliche, like, 'silence is golden', and 'what goes around, comes around'.

Cliches can chomp on my Chomsky.

Except maybe: If you want something done, you've got to do it yourself.

You might not agree with what you see here, and you may not believe half of it, unless you've been 'here', but that's your choice and your perogative.

May you enjoy what life has to offer you, just don't drink the water, it might cure your blindness.

S.I.C.K or Self-Induced Censorship Kowtowing
Most journalists here kowtow to self-censorship, as it's the only secure way to keep 'speaking' on things that matter. Look at any newspaper from the region, and you'll recognise it pretty quickly.

While I'm not currently a journalist, I do like myself, so consider the SICK occurence on this blog as a way of self-preservation.